Tbilisi addresses preserving fragments of Georgia’s Sovietization. Text and photos by Tamar Esakia Photo: National Archives of Georgia Kojori is a small town near Tbilisi – actually, it is technically in Tbilisi, because the administrative division places it within the city limits. Located at 1350 meters above sea level, Kojori – with its long cool […]

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Time-Traveling—Tskaltubo’s Soviet Ghosts

Exactly 10 minutes from Kutaisi, I find myself on a different planet completely by accident. That’s the only feeling one gets at the swimming pool of the abandoned Bathhouse #8 in Tskaltubo. I knew about this pool mostly from photo sessions by my friends and foreign photographers. And now I’m here in person, still suspecting […]

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Long Weekend Near Kutaisi

Text by Nino Kvirikashvili Photos (Sataplia, Prometheus, Navenakhevi) by Nino Kvirikashvili (courtesy of the Agency of Protected Areas) Navenakhevi Cave Remember Gollum’s abode from The Lord of the Rings? That’s how the magical Navenakhevi Cave feels. The Navenakhevi Cave is located near the village of Navenakhevi in the Terjola Municipality, not far from Kutaisi. Though […]

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Vashlovani—the Other Side of Georgia

The Story of the Georgian Sanctuary and Georgian Mars Text by Tinatin Mosiashvili, Journalist and tour guide Briefly If it’s not your first time in Georgia and you’ve already grown accustomed to the sights of Mtatsminda, Kazbegi, Ushba, or Shkhara, and if you’ve already taken part in a rtveli harvest, dipped churchkhela candy, sated yourself […]

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snow in Georgia

Experience Rural Georgia

Text by Natia Akhalashvili When was the last time you were in a village? Just focus and imagine a house with all its homelike flavors and things, a yard with trees providing a burst of color, stories to tell, homemade food, and good wine. People, sick and tired of urban chaos, are increasingly eager to […]

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A name to remember: Samegrelo

Sisa, Sisa, Sisa Tura, or Samegrelo Encapsulated in One Ethnic Village Text by Nino Kvirikashvili Photos by Davit Bantsadze, Nino Kvirikashvili It’s impossible to resist remembering this famous Megrelian folk song when visiting the Sisa Tura Ethnic Village in Chkhoria. Before we reach our destination, I keep humming this tune. Its lyrics, word for word, […]

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Freedom Square Tour

How much is there within one small circle Text by Tamar Esakia The main city square of Tbilisi often does not seem itself, sometimes because of turmoil and protest rallies or because of hellish traffic jams, but sometimes because of a more enjoyable reason: New Year’s decorations. Now is the time when anything can trigger […]

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