Janashia Museum

Simon Janashia Museum of Georgia

Text by Tamar Esakia, photos by National Museum In 1865, the Museum of the Caucasus opened on the initiative of ethnic German ethnographer and naturalist Gustav Radde. The museum was stocked with vast materials obtained by Radde during his expeditions throughout the Caucasus. In 1852-1864, the museum also inherited the equipment and natural science, ethnographic, […]

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Georgian Museums

by Tamar Esakia Besides banking and financial operations, TBC, Georgia’s second largest bank, is known for supporting and implementing various social and cultural projects. In 2019, the Georgian National Museum and TBC, after a series of successful joint projects, set the stage for a large-scale, long-term cooperation. The National Museum and TBC are implementing innovative […]

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Freedom Square Tour

How much is there within one small circle Text by Tamar Esakia The main city square of Tbilisi often does not seem itself, sometimes because of turmoil and protest rallies or because of hellish traffic jams, but sometimes because of a more enjoyable reason: New Year’s decorations. Now is the time when anything can trigger […]

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Tbilisi addresses preserving fragments of Georgia’s Sovietization. Text and photos by Tamar Esakia Photo: National Archives of Georgia Kojori is a small town near Tbilisi – actually, it is technically in Tbilisi, because the administrative division places it within the city limits. Located at 1350 meters above sea level, Kojori – with its long cool […]

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