salome dumbadze

Salome Dumbadze is a young Georgian artist who lives and works in Tbilisi. Salome works with numerous different media, though she is best known for her oil paintings.

Text by Nini Darchia

Salome, please tell us about your works and language of expression.

– As far back as I can remember, I’ve always been painting, though I believe that the artistic language of expression is not reflected only in artworks – it is present in the clothes I wear, my favorite music, or emoji I use. Sometimes, I create things that are pretty vague, not particular things per se, but I use them so as to turn them into my artistic language of expression. In the future, I really want to create sound as part of my artwork. I want to try something totally new like a performance to have more space for expression. I also like working in empty spaces – as you enter, you look for the right language of expression to say what you have to say.

Do you have a particular topic you continually work on, something that is always present in your works?

– That must be my own self. I also love observing other people, their facial expressions and habits. Then I process these impressions, but I’m not sure how clearly they translate into my works, in terms of material, for instance. I do use such details pretty often in my work, though.

What is your favorite medium?

– My favorite could have been clay, but I’ve never tried it… I believe that touch is very important when it comes to materials. You must take pleasure in touching your material, and it must be obedient in your hands – that’s the way to achieve the desired results, to bring your ideas to life. Given my experience with materials so far, paints have been my loyal companions. And I can say that I know them, their specifics very well. I probably would enjoy making music, too.

Tell us about your plans for the future.

– I’m working on a new website to archive my works. In February, my first solo show opened at Gallery 4710 to host visitors in the course of a month.

Where else can we see your works?

– My works are displayed in the homes of various people – which makes me really excited – also at my home, and also at Gallery 4710 for a whole month.


Instagram: sa_lomka

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