Swimming Pool & Wine Spa at Schuchmann Wines Georgia

Toward sometime in December 2019, Schuchmann Wines Georgia opened an indoor pool in its very own chateau in Kisiskhevi, a village near Telavi. In doing so, the company has given tourists eager to taste Georgian wine another reason to visit Kakheti even beyond the active rtveli harvest season.

If before it was common knowledge that the active season in Kakheti lasts six months, now, thanks to Schuchmann Wines Georgia, colder months are also excelling in tapping into the region’s potential. Despite the snow-covered Caucasus Mountains and cold weather, visitors at the Kisiskhevi Chateau can enjoy the swimming pool, and then – or even before for that matter – relax in the wine spa. The Chateau wine spa offers special procedures consisting entirely of Schuchmann wine-based cosmetic products while taking into account various skin structures and other characteristics. The relaxing procedure starts with wine baths.

“We’ve been on track to this goal for a while, seek form Kakheti into a year-round destination. What makes Kakheti so special? It’s just 90 minutes from Tbilisi, and the road through Gombori Pass, with its zigzagging, winding sections, is simply spellbinding. In fact, all adventures in Kakheti, regardless of the season, start on this road,” Schuchmann Wines Georgia CEO Nutsa Abramishvili says. “Yes, our active season is August-September, preceded by the spring season with beautiful tours, sightseeing, enjoying nature, delving into history, and so on. Schuchmann Wines Georgia brings together cultural tourism, gastronomy, wine tourism, and now health and relaxation tourism with a slew of exciting services. We have a separate detox program for long-term procedures, and singular wine sessions for relaxation. These procedures use our own grape seed oil and scrubs.”

Yes, it’s called wine tourism, but don’t let winter stand in your way. On cold days, the Swimming Pool & Wine Spa at Schuchmann Wines Georgia are waiting for you. And the customary restaurant, bar, and wine cellars famed for their refined style and flavors are there to embrace visitors.

This is how Schuchmann Wines Georgia is getting ready to usher in a new priority tourism direction in order to use Kakheti’s potential to cover the seasons beyond the rtveli harvest.

More info: www.schuchmann-wines.com

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