Puri Guliani – Bakery, Cafe, Dessert Shop

Saarbrucken Square, Tbilisi / Call: 577 00 00 83 / 9:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Thanks to Georgian traditional bread, many tourists already know the Georgian word ‘tone’—which means the bakery and also the tandoori-like, clay oven in which the Georgian bread is baked. Cafe Puri Guliani intends to popularize yet another Georgian word among foreign visitors and it is “sakhabazo”, or bakery.

Puri Guliani regards itself to be a real sakhabazo where bread-baking, Georgian baking traditions, and endemic wheat varieties are effectively presented and new, modernized versions are also created.

This space has been around all through the spring and summer seasons, but it may be a new discovery to many. Beyond the modern glass facade, in the super-clean and well designed interior with industrial accents, surprisingly a “traditional Georgian” process is underway: all the wheat they use in their artisanal bread and pastries is local.

Yet, Puri Guliani decided to build the whole concept around popularizing Georgian wheat. In here you will be persuaded that Georgia is not only the cradle of wine, but also of wheat too—as we have more than ten endemic varieties of bread—some of them available for tasting in Puri Guliani.

You can visit the place either for breakfast or lunch, but also for a late dinner and drinks (especially on Saturday evenings). As for lazy Sundays, Puri Guliani also has a generous brunch to offer.

That’s how Georgians call every pastry that a filling inside: they say it has a “heart” or “guli” in Georgian. Thus, Puri Guliani simply means bread with filling. They have quite an impressive variety:

Khachapuri (cheese-pie), lobiani (bean pie), kubdari (meat pie), pkhvlovana (vegetable pie), atchma (a type of cheese pie) and several varieties of hand-pressed bread fed with natural yeast.

Puri Guliani is a good choice when you have a sweet-tooth too. Names are familiar: eclair, cheesecake and the like, but some of them are made with badagi—the same pure grape juice that is used for making churchkhela (the grape juice candles with walnuts or hazelnuts inside on a string), or pelamushi (grape juice dessert authentic to Georgian cuisine).

These are just the highlights, while Puri Guliani has quite a big menu, which you can check online.

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