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What to eat in the first place:

One of my favorite regional dishes is Sinori—thin layers of lavash filled with cottage cheese and baked with juicy cheese-and-garlic sauce. It always gets lost behind Adjaruli Khachapuri, but I think that’s what one has to ask for once in Adjara.

It’s funny, but it’s quite complicated to get a good Sinori in Batumi. I suggest going to at least the restaurants outside of the city—Chateau Erge, Restaurant Chala—both in mountainous Adjara. In Tbilisi, I go for excellent classical Sinori to Cafe Volver, and for a reinvented one to Meama.

Dmanisi Museum

Places that should not be missed:

Kvemo Kartli needs more visitors! The German villages Bolnisi and Asureti, as well as the treasures of Dmanisi and the panoramas of Samshvilde are absolute must-sees.
The museum of Dmanisi dedicated to 1.2 mln year old hominids is so underrated! You learn about a freshly discovered chapter of human history there. Our common proto-European ancestors were hanging out in Georgia. How crazy is that? Samshvilde is a historical sight—the leftovers of a 2300-year old fortified settlement bring you back in time immediately. The views there are different from the Greater Caucasus—it’s more vast, the hills are covered by forest… The river Khrami flows through a gorge, and once you look down, you can see the eagles flying under you!

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