Green Hideaway | Ciskari

Restaurant. Cafe. Social Club.

Kus Tba (Turtle Lake) / Call: 0322 43 77 00 / Open: 3:00 PM – 2:00 AM

This section of Kus Tba (Turtle Lake), known virtually to everyone, used to house another club with a restaurant. The new team replaced the club with a light glass and metal structure, and another building was roofed with wooden panels and an orangery was arranged inside, the ground covered with a mix of grass and tiles, visually attractive powerful loudspeakers installed, transforming the old place into an impressive hideaway. Greenery enveloping the place from all sides, pleasant soft lights, soft uplifting music filling the air, and people enjoying good food, laughing, and chatting.

Ciskari was created by the same team that established Bassiani earlier. Ultimately, this space is designed as a gathering place combining, among other things, social values like openness, propagating environmental principles, serving as a spot or dealing with crises in life, and setting a precedent for professional assistance and personal experience sharing, Dato says. All that is exemplified by the upper section of Ciskari, an area surrounded by trees and serving as a picnic site, a party destination on Saturdays, or to share mental health experience on set days. Alternatively, it can turn into a chat area for discussion on green living and similar issues.

Still, above all else, Ciskari is an outdoor café amid greenery, under theord leadership of Tamta Kikaleishvili, a young but famous chef with her own fascinating signature. Looking at the menu, you will realize that here Georgian flavors and ingredients harmonize smoothly and effortlessly with European and Asian savors. That is why Ciskari seems best to reflect a perfect version of Tbilisi—after all, this city, with its long history, is the finest example of multiculturalism revealed in everyday life. And the foremost, most vivid illustration of this multiculturalism at Ciskari is the kitchen. Dato Chikhladze: “The Ciskari kitchen echoes with modern Tbilisi. The city lives a life of its own: it sleeps, wakes up, travels, and so on.” And it eats. Judging by Ciskari, Tbilisi eats fondue with an assortment of cheeses, crispy thin mchadi cornbread, and purslane salad with delicate dressing.

It also loves risotto with a mushroom mix, gnocchi, pasta, ribs with adjika hot sauce, and burgers with picante sauces. As it turns out, burgers and ribs are the most popular dishes at Ciskari. There are also diverse vegetarian treats like beets in tkemali sauce—the chef takes thin-sliced and delicately seasoned vegetables to the next level.
Delicious meals are followed by berry or citrus lemonades, Prosecco, or Georgian wines. Handpicked and carefully sorted ingredients are provided by farmers. The kitchen makes its own sundried tomatoes, and the chef personally makes kimchi. Quality and exclusiveness are key in this establishment.

It is perfectly normal to drop by at Ciskari just for desserts—their chocolate is unforgettable, and cheesecakes and other sweet treats are equally impressive.

While the weather is still sunny, we offer you an unforgettable dining ritual in the wild. After the change of seasons, you can sit comfortably in the orangery and contemplate the greenery enveloping the misty lake, and dream of spring bound to bring new ideas, atmosphere, and adventures to both Ciskari and Tbilisi.

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