Best wine bars in Tbilisi

Aristaeus Ethno Wine Bar

42 Kote Afkhazi Str., Tbilisi / Call: 555 71 37 14

Aristaeus Ethno Wine Bar—one of the finest establishments in all of Tbilisi—is found at 3 Sioni Street in the most prominent part of a heavily tourist-oriented neighborhood. You just cannot miss this bar that offers you a warm, pleasant atmosphere and incorporates three different spaces: a courtyard, a veranda, and a roofed area.
Aristaeus carries top-quality wines from both large companies and smaller winemakers.

Local customers and foreign tourists are equally drawn to the old-fashioned building’s interior, harmoniously combining the original walls and retro and modern furniture. But that’s not all. Besides wine, you will be treated to some of the finest dishes from different Georgian regions, such as tashmijabi mashed potatoes with melted cheese from Svaneti, shkmeruli chicken in garlic and dairy sauce from Racha, khinkali dumplings and pumpkin soup, and kharcho soup from Guria. You can also try high-proof whiskey or Georgian chacha.

Shumi Wine Bar

J, Jan Shardeni Str., Tbilisi | Open every day 11:00 AM – 12:00 AM / Call: 591 89 22 22

Shumi Wine Bar is the best place for those seeking quality time in the company of friends while sipping delicious Georgian wine in a pleasant environment. Every wine you find here is made using classic methods. Qvevri red, white, amber, dry, and semisweet—as you can see, the choice is wide!

Along with wines, the bar serves relatively higher-proof beverages, such as chacha and exclusive zhigu, a fortified wine mix using four ingredients: wine, grape juice, 10-year-old brandy, and chacha.
In case a couple of glasses of wine builds your appetite, you can try the bar’s excellent menu, from appetizers to mouthwatering cold and hot dishes. At Shumi, quality gastronomic characteristics are appreciated and steadily maintained.

The bar is poised to make a lasting impression with its exceptionally beautiful interior with high ceilings, a three-room space, and—to cap it all off—pleasant music and attentive personnel ready to help pair food with wine. There is also an outdoor section where, in good weather, you can find peace and quiet—something that is sure to make your day on any weekend.


27 Mikheil Zandukeli Str. | Open everyday 12:00 PM – 2:00 AM / Call: 591 81 27 27

Sulico Wine Bar will undoubtedly captivate you with its Old Tbilisi charm. What sets it apart from other similar joints is its diversity of choice. Both organic Georgian qvevri wines and top-quality imported wines are offered. The bar’s famous sommelier Mukhran Papava is tireless in entertaining guests and giving inspiring speeches about wine.
The bar carries almost 200 wine varieties. Still, the most exclusive of them is Megrelian Paneshi grape variety wine—only 50 bottles are available. Equally special is Sulico Bar’s concept in that each wine you enjoy here is paired with a particular dish. For example, stuffed tolma and Rkatsiteli wine go hand in hand, and so do baked beef marrow and Saperavi from Calamus or Black Shale.

Besides carrying the finest alcoholic beverages in all of Georgia, Sulico ensures a peaceful and comfortable environment for long, relaxed conversations, sharing knowledge with the sommelier, and enjoying good food and drinks.

8000 Vintages

60 Irakli Abashidze Str. Kitchen is open every day 1 PM-11 PM / Call: 558 48 88 11

8000 Vintages is a bar/wine shop with two branches in Tbilisi: one at 60 Abashidze Street in Vake and the other at 26 Tsintsadze Street. The bar carries famous wines from both smaller wineries and larger companies and most of the wines have the highest quality claims.

One of the reasons why this bar is on our list lies in its gorgeous and quiet original interior adorned with sizeable shelves full of collectible wines. And that means that here you can try exquisite long-aged wines that will make you feel better than ever!

The affordable price you find at 8000 Vintages deserves special mention, because affordability is one of the key goals of the bar, and the fact that you are about to enjoy fine wines in an excellent setup will have no bearing on your check. What matters here is the high quality, which is why wine tasting sessions are often held here.

Lagaza Wine Bar

2 Pekini Str / Open everyday from 12:00 PM – 1:00 AM / Call: 032 223 09 99

We can state without exaggeration that Lagaza Wine Bar at 2 Pekini Street is a genuine paradise for wine aficionados. For the most part, the bar sells a wide variety of quality Georgian wines from smaller wineries and larger companies. Especially noteworthy is the Rustaveli Usakhelouri from Shilda Winery for 290 GEL.

Lagaza’s exceptionally pleasant interior consists of two independent spaces, a bar and a restaurant. With its warm lighting and the bar’s interior wood cladding, Lagaza is the best place to impress your foreign guests.

We absolutely must single out a Georgian version of Spanish jamón, one of the most popular dishes in the world. The Georgian version is made from the meat of Lagaza pigs, an endangered endemic Georgian species. The pork is cured at a very specific temperature perfectly matching the properties of the meat. Georgian jamón is so delicious that it is impossible to resist its charm and not to fall in love with it right away. And you can buy and take home a bottle of any drink that wins your heart and mind.

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