New Bohemian Hotspots in Tbilisi

They Said Books

10 Akhvlediani str.

They Said books is a concept store where you can discover special books and various gorgeous items while sipping delicious specialty coffee. The store’s interior and furniture was designed by artist and designer Lado Lomitashvili.

Lado Lomitashvili: “I built it all around books and coffee as dominant features, and tried to link the two matters. I delved into every possible shade of coffee from raw bean green and carrot-like orange to brown and, finally, black. To cap it all off, I used blue, the key logo color of They Said Books. These colors also defined my choice of materials, though I decided against any material in its original form. Just like every book, I wanted every material to have a story of its own, which is why I opted for rusty texture that also matched my concept in terms of color. The store also has a big long table to create more space for interaction between visitors.”The store features IDEA, the exclusive supplier of books for London’s concept store Dover Street Market. IDEA creates limited editions of amazing books now available in Tbilisi, too.

The IDEA aisle also displays the brand’s t-shirts and bags using 100% natural materials.

The store brings together myriad books from such publishers as Phaidon, Abrams and Chronicle, MoMa Books, Taschen, Skira, and others. The collection of books is constantly updated, and new publishers are frequently added.

While enjoying your cup of coffee, you can browse through publications on architecture, interior design, music, fashion, photography, cinema, and visual arts, also travel guides, culinary books, and books about various beverages or cars, and indie magazines. The store does not carry Georgian publishers’ products, with the exception of one supplement, the only Georgian series of critical publications.

The store also offers a short menu with health food items and breakfast.

Another interesting detail: here you can buy the chair you are sitting in, or the coffee cup you are drinking from, along with the specialty goods showcased on the lower floor, of course.

Café Olivia

Olivia, with its exceptional signature aesthetics, green area in the courtyard, huge plants, and bedazzling mirrors, may remind you of a typical café from a French movie. The owners of four remarkable cafes and restaurants decided to create a gripping synthesis embodied in Café Olivia, an establishment initially operating as a breakfast parlor, but currently serving dinner and supper.

You can also drop by for a cup of coffee and a piece of cake, but keep in mind that they have the finest choice of delicious bread here. Olivia’s in-house bread, made with healthy ingredients and without additives or yeast, is perfect for your breakfast. Speaking of breakfast, I strongly recommend a glass of yogurt with granola and, by all means, invariably delicious omelet. Equally yummy is Olivia’s salmon toast with avocado. Visit Olivia and see for yourself that they serve what I call the best strawberry, banana, and chocolate syrup pancakes in town.

Olivia may trigger a new study and probing into Vake, a “showy” neighborhood developed in the Soviet period away from Tbilisi’s traditional tourist routes. The area’s architecture and people you encounter in the street are sure to demonstrate what the Soviet elite was all about, and how this phenomenon has been transformed by Vake into a new reality.

32 Vasil Barnovi Str. Vera Area

Call: 0322 98 54 39

Open: 12 PM – 11 PM

Serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee and drinks

Non Georgian: immigrants cook

Chinese Restaurant New Asia

This restaurant has two branches, one at 3 Gamrekeli Street and the other at 5 Griboedov Street. Praised as the best Chinese restaurant in Tbilisi, it employs Chinese cooks and frequently hosts visiting or Georgia-based Chinese natives.

Unlike in other countries, the Chinese diaspora in Georgia is relatively small; there are no Chinatowns here. Still, the first Chinese restaurant opened in Georgia as early as the late 1990s to usher in radical novelties into Tbilisi’s flavors based on its old uniform traditional cuisine. Reportedly, this Chinese restaurant is responsible for encouraging Tbilisi’s residents to drop the tradition of eating bread with every dish. New Asia has been around for several years, and has built a solid following. The restaurant’s menu combines dishes from various regions of China, including Peking duck and Sichuan chicken. Still, this establishment slightly deviates from traditional Chinese flavors, probably because of an attempt to adapt to Georgian customers.

Open: 12:00 PM – 11:00 PM

Call: 595 65 52 55

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