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KÁSHKASH is a Georgia-based brand manufacturing face and body care products, offering customers vegan and vegetarian goods based on unique formulas.

KÁSHKASH is ideal for those leading a fast-paced life yet eager to dedicate some time to personal care and, more importantly, looking for pleasure in the process. The brand, drawing on family recipes discovered in great-grandma’s notebook, is keeping pace with the latest global trends and uses only certified organic ingredients for all their products.

We believe in the sun

We believe that the sun lives in each of us and every time we shine from inside, we create beauty.

We believe that the sun is love and the Earth is driven by love.

This endless cycle of life is what keeps us under the same sun, yet each of us—unique.

That’s why we create handmade products using natural ingredients that grow under the sun on our planet Earth.

We believe in sunshine that’s created by tiny pieces of the sun inside every human being.

We have no name, no nationality, no age, no gender.

We are the people of the SUN.

The brand’s philosophy nourishes its present activities and ideas for future development.


Natural Handmade Skincare Products.

Order from www.kashkash.me

Chaos Concept Store

Chaos is a multi-brand store complemented by the recently opened vegetarian Chaos Café. Chaos showcases exclusive collections from Georgian designers Nikolas Grigorian, Gola, and Tamar Kopaliani, also the latest from J.W. Anderson, Vivienne Westwood, Justine Clenquet, Eytys, Shrimos, Alexander Wang, Carne Bollente, and RE/DONE. Besides clothing, niche publishers and Pawaka glasses are also found at Chaos.

Address: 14 Merab Kostava Street

Fb: ChaosConceptStore

Sauvage Concept Store

Sauvage is a conceptual store where you can find glasses from the trendiest niche brands, such as the latest collections rolled out by Ann Demeulemeester, Kuboraum, Rigards, Alessandra Rich, TavaT, Vava, Mykita, Dries Van Noten, and Innerraum. The store also offers niche perfumes. Inside the facility there is another store, MATERIUM Concept Store, which displays, for the most part, women’s and men’s clothing from young Japanese designers.

Address: 18 Chovelidze St.

Fb: sauvageconceptstoreTbilisi

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