My personal Favorite | Ana Mikadze-Chikvaidze

Ana Mikadze-Chikvaidze
is a natural-born reformer and activist who has revitalized the popularity of the long history of Georgian cheese, its large assortment of cheeses, and its once lost and neglected varieties.

Ana has revealed to scores of Georgians themselves that Georgian cheese, in terms of diversity, is far more than its Imereti-style, Sulguni, smoked, or Guda varieties. Ana lives in Teleti. She runs a small cheese factory, raises goats, and not only makes top-quality dairy products but also helps other cheesemakers in raising the bar and promoting less popular varieties.

Absolute Must-Sees:

You cannot leave Georgia without visiting Samegrelo. Lake Tobavarchkhili and Martvili Canyons, the Shurubumu Cave with its river and ever-green mosses, and mysterious sounds coming from underground lakes and rivers. All these ensure an unforgettable sight and experience. Go down to Shurubumu Cave near Chkhorotzku where you will learn the deciphered meaning of this word, Shurubumu, going back all the way to the time of the ancient Kingdom of Colchis, and listen to the many legends related to Shurubumu. An absolute must-see, at least once…

Absolute Must-Eats:

Chopped beetroot pkhali with walnut paste, hot mchadi cornbread, and Imereti-style chkinti squeaky cheese, and dry wine – don’t miss a chance to enjoy these genuine gifts from paradise.

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