Swimming Pools at two amazing locations

Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel Tbilisi Spa Center

Traversing Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel’s top two floors, Anne Semonin Spa overlooks Tbilisi in its sun-drenched brilliance. With its massive floor-to-ceiling windows, light pastel tones, aerial views, this 1,600-square-meter spa offers nourishment for all human senses and wonderful outdoor pool for those ones enjoying sun tan and day parties.

Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, 1 Rose Revolution Square

Call: +995 322 402 200

Web page: radissonblu.com/en/hotel-tbilisi

Batumi Retreat

A tranquil and wonderful retreat besides the Black Sea, the Anne Semonin Wellness & Spa Center at Radisson Blu Batumi spans 1,800 square meters of treatment rooms, outdoor pool and spa facilities. Unwind in the sauna or aroma steam bath and indulge your senses with essential oils, body treatments and massages.

Radisson Blu Hotel, Batumi, 1 Ninoshvili Street

Call: +995  422 25 55 55

Web page: radissonblu.com/en/hotel-batumi

Krtsanisi Pool

Summer is around the corner, which means that those who are too busy to get out of the city must seek alternatives within Tbilisi. One such great alternative is the pool at the Krtsanisi Residence, at 43 Krtsanisi Street.

Although the Krtsanisi pool is in the heart of the city, it is surrounded by beautiful mountains, a detail that turns this place into something special. On top of boasting mesmerizing views, Krtsanisi Street is praised throughout town for its clean air, with not nearly as much automobile pollution. And all that means it is a perfection recreation area.

The place offers top-level services, clean water, pleasant music, a bar, and impressive views, but that’s not all. The prices here are quite affordable. On weekdays it will cost just 35 GEL to enjoy the pool.

Krtsanisi Residence Complex, 49, Krtsanisi Str. Tbilisi

Call: 574 99 98 74

Fb: KrtsanisiResidenceComplex

Holiday Inn

The Holiday Inn pool, found at 1 May 26 Square in Tbilisi, is the best choice sunshine and swimming fans can make.

At the pool, you will find yourself amid a rich floral setup with minimalist design. The pool’s crystal clear water, myriad plants, and bar open until 11 PM, along with nice music, provide everything one may need to relax after a week of hard work and to embrace the true atmosphere of summer.

Prices depend on the customer’s interests, and the choice is quite wide. A weekday costs 50 GEL, and weekends 75 GEL. There is also an 8-day package for 300 GEL, and an unlimited monthly pass for 550 GEL. A season pass costs 1,300 GEL, and a 20% discount is offered through May.

Notably, a season pass includes one hour of free massage and one hour of free parking, and a one free guest pass.

Holiday Inn Tbilisi, 1, 26 May Square

Call: 032 2 30 00 99

Fb: HolidayInnTbilisi

Tbilisi Yacht Club—Restaurant La Cote

Tbilisi Yacht Club—Restaurant La Cote on the Tbilisi Sea is a seasonal establishment, so it is already welcoming guests. Undoubtedly, it is one of the nicest places in town you can visit in the company of your family or friends, or even alone. 

The club owns a raft on Tbilisi Sea where you can swim and enjoy tanning, also a restaurant serving mouthwatering European and Georgian dishes, spellbinding green areas, and a bar.

Besides being located only 10 minutes away from the city, in an area where it is always cool, the main reason why you should visit the club lies in its exclusive offers, such as a yacht tour for 8-10 people for 500 GEL per hour, also water skiing, and a catamaran tour, something you cannot find anywhere in Tbilisi!

1, Sikhvarulis kheivani Tbilisi

Call: 568 25 22 66

Fb: LaCote

Schuchmann Wines Chateau Villas and Spa

This resort is a 10-minute drive from Telavi, Kakheti, and is equipped with all sorts of amenities, nestled within a dreamlike environment with a view of the mostly snow-covered Caucasus Mountains. 

The Chateau features a fine restaurant, unique wine cellar, exquisite wine-spa, and much more. The central part of this complex is the large swimming pool—offering high hygienic standards and an excellent environment for relaxation, sun-bathing, and fun with friends. In the early mornings the pool is mostly empty—which might be a delight for fans of swimming.

Visit the Chateau and enjoy its blue waters and spectacular views alongside other amenities.

Kisiskhevi, Kakheti

website: schuchmann-wines.com

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